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Need concrete moved from A to B somewhere its not directly accessible?

Concrete pumping is the most efficient way to do so the cleanest and easiest option!

Here at MAX PUMP Concrete Pumping and Liquid  Screed, We strive to make our customers happy. Whether the project is big or small our friendly and reliable team are happy to help. We work alongside a well established and reliable family run concrete company, so are happy to liaise with them to book the concrete for you.

we have the newest and up to date concrete pumps and we also have all out operators full certified and compliant we are a member of the spa and follow a strict health and safety policy

We pride  ourselves in being the very best we can be and have a can do attitude to Concrete pumping and Liquid Screed 

we can offer you Concrete pumping from line pumps to boom pumps , Concrete supply, level and finish service we are you one stop shop for all your concrete needs all in one place,

  • Concrete Pumping
  • Liquid Screed
  • Concrete supply
  • Concrete level and finish

Call us on : 01926 293688 for all your concrete pump needs

Concrete Line pump

Concrete line pump

Concrete boom pump

Concrete boom pump